Community Building Campaign POSTER CONTEST

Community Building Campaign POSTER CONTEST

Every Year we organize a poster contest to show the struggles the men from 21 to 36 are going thru in our community. The application fee is $ 10. Any male within the age range listed above can enter, except staff and board members. If the amount is an obstacle please ask us about our creative sign-up system for the contest. The first prize is $500. The second prize is $200 the third prize is $100. 

This year the deadline is April 3, 2024 before 11.59 PST.

 All winners will be recognized in all our social media platforms. The results will be unveiled on April 29, 2024 physical location TBA.

For more information fill out the form on the website. For voice messages please call us at 206-280-5491


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To enter the contests, we accept PayPal. 

For Venmo contact us at 2062805491  

For more information contact us at [email protected]